An Excursion is usually a brief pleasure trip. Schools are encouraged to adopt the practice of excursion because of its tendency to add reality to learning experiences which consequently enriches the courses of study and motivate the both teachers and students.

Furthermore, excursions give exciting educational experiences deeper than visits to places like zoos, nature centers, community agencies (like fire stations and hospitals), government agencies, local business, and museums increases the chances of learners retaining what is being taught in the classroom. Findings also reveal that children learn about different professions, ideas and opportunities when they travel outside their own neighborhood which increases their desire to try new things owing to the interest in them.

Our school organize both educational trips, tours and fun tours, picnics as well. Here we get the opportunity to build a nice bond between teachers and students.


Memories of school educational trips are among the most prominent of the formative years, largely because they are a welcome break in routine for both students and teachers. While their purpose is essentially to educate, they can also be fun bonding experience for everyone involved.

  • Reinforcement

The trip can reinforce what a teacher has been instructing in class about a subject and help students understand the topic better.

  • Engagement

Teachers turns trips into mobile classrooms, instructing students to collect data, then quizzing them or assigning a project based on what they learned during the outing.

  • Socialization

Taking students into a new environment gives them the experience of travelling in a group and teaches them to be respectful of the locations they visit.

  • Exposure

Kids get to visit a place to which they have never been before. This can be particularly advantageous to students who are less fortunate and don’t have the opportunity to travel and they get rid from their fears as well.

  • Curiosity

Students who go on educational trips find that they want ton learn more about the subjects on which the trip focused.

  • Retention

The type of memories that educational trips create, helps children retain information for longer periods.



Going on educational trip means more than simply leaving the school grounds.        Educational trips should always have a major educational element, but the impact of educational trips can extent much further. The importance of educational trips includes giving students the chance to build closer bonds with their classmates, experience new informal learning environments with new sights and enjoy a day away from the classroom. 

Educational trips can chance student’s perspective, give them variety in learning styles, classroom supplement, rewards and many more. It teaches students: professionalism, enhances sense of community and creates an interest in new things.

Consider a tour of a local factory, restaurant, bank, historical place that would require only transportation and meal cost to create an affordable education trip and valuable community relations between businesses and students, from which they get real-world experience, classroom inspiration where the student can touches, smells historical relics, ancient artifacts and original sources of text becomes motivated to learn more in depth when he/she returns to the classroom.


  • Educational trips planned by our school:
  • ISRO

ISRO is a nice place to have an educational trip for students. As part of their educational trip, our school management took the students to the space centre to gain practical knowledge about Science and Technology as well as about space. There ISRO experts explained our students the working models of rockets, environmental conditions, operation of rockets. We had a good time while experiencing new and wonderful things especially our students, after this trip they came with the dream to become an astronaut or space ranger or anything relating with space. They enjoyed a lot there.

  • Divya Bhaskar printing press

Newspaper at present has become important factor to the people all over the world. Modern people cannot think of starting their day without reading newspaper. So, an educational visit was planned by our school at one of the organizations who has one of the largest circulations of newspaper in India named Divya Bhaskar in Ahmedabad to understand how their organization work in order to deliver the newspaper in about 1.5 crore houses in state of Gujarat daily.

Our school has organized a educational visit here. During our visit, a person working in the printing press explained us about the printing of newspapers. Four different colours are used for printing. Reels of paper are attached in the machine for printing by staff. They have computers to monitor the machine. If any problem arises in the reel as if it is broken then the machine automatically stops. The reels and colour are exported from outside. They produce different type of newspapers according to the seasons. At a time two sides of a page of a paper are printed. The machine also folds the paper.

It was a nice and informative visit for our students to know about how print media works.

  • Science City

Gujarat Science City, located in Hebatpur Ahmedabad, is a part of Gujarat government’s initiative to draw more students towards education in science. The centre hosts an IMAX 3D theatre, an energy park, a hall of science, planet Earth, an amphitheatre, life science park and dancing musical fountains, among others that’s why our school most often plan educational visit here with our students and it’s an great experience. Our students enjoyed a lot while watching 3D movie, playing in energy park, and food as well. Its an educational as well as fun trip.

  • Gandhi Ashram

Our school usually plans educational trip to ‘Gandhi Ashram’ where students were shown different activities happening in ashram. The museum opened up a world of pre-independence era for the children. They saw the working of charkha, the spinning wheel in which Gandhiji used to spin cotton. They were familiar with the ‘speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil’ monkeys but then also were thrilled to see them. The purpose of our visit was to familiarize them with the life times of our father of nation ‘Mahatma Gandhiji’. They also enjoyed playing different types of old games which we used to play in our childhood, that’s why our teachers prepare some fun games of old times for them during this type of visit. This creates bonding between each other.

  • Adalaj Ni Vav (step well)

We do visit this historical place is a beautiful structure, descending five storey deep. It was built in 1499 to hold water, provide refuge to travelers and local people, and offer spiritual sustenance. The fifth floor is especially stunning and marvelous, and from here we saw the deep turquoise waters of the well itself, which seems to glow with inner light, surrounded by astonishing beauty captured forever in stone.

The step well’s immense beauty is not the only thing spectacular about it. The tales of its creation is full of love and war, devotion and betrayal. The entire structure is covered with carvings, sculptures, and ornamentation, combining Indo-Islamic architectural elements and design and many more. This whole description was given by our guide so students enjoyed it a lot. They play many games and eat food while resting in the garden.

  • Indroda park

It is an ideal place for educational trip for students as it is home to several animal, avian and plant species. A trip of Indroda nature park would acquaint children with different types of vegetation and wildlife. This park also creates awareness among students about environment conversation. So, we do travel with our lovely students to enhance their knowledge and for fun as well.


Fun picnics and tours

In the line with the philosophy of giving the maximum possible opportunities for students to enhance their growth and development. Fun picnic and tour gives students a temporary relief from their studies. Every school and colleges arrange picnics for its students. The students will be happy as they would have a free day to enjoy themselves. Not only this, students get to know one another and teachers get know their students. Our school organises a class wise picnic or tour for all the wings. It inspires a common action among a group of friends. Picnics or tours teach everyone to work in common and enjoy in common through sharing food, playing games and bonding with friends.

Picnics or tours organized by our school

    • Water parks

Our school organizes a water park trips to many of the water parks for students to have a joyful day. A water park is an amusement park that features water play areas such as swimming pools, water slides, splash pads, water playgrounds, and lazy rivers, as well as areas for floating, bathing, swimming, and other barefoot environments. Modern water parks may also be equipped with some type of artificial surfing or body boarding environment, such as a wave pool or flow rider. So, these are the things where the students as well as teachers get full amusement. Many of the water parks like Splash, Ajava, Gujarat fun world we took students there, they enjoy a lot and very much excited and curious to go there before many days. So, teachers do complete their study portion in advance too.

  • Theme parks

Many of the theme parks like Essel World, Imagica, Rushivan, we visit with the students of all classes to give them a better amusement, joy and wonder while riding on different rides like Roller Coasters, Circular Rides, Car Racing, Family Rides, Marry-go-round and many more. Safety and security measures are also taken in care for each and every student and teacher as well. Theme parks trip are always exciting.

  • Adventure trip to polo forest

For students having trekking experience our school had planned a one-day adventure trip to Polo forest which is also known as Vijaynagar forest, is a dry mixed forest near deciduous forest near Abhapur village in Vijaynagar Taluka, Sabarkantha district, Gujarat, India. We had booked a resort for students and teachers. We arrived there in dawn; morning was awakening the beauty of road to the resort. later in the noon we started exploring the place with the resorts guide. We explore the beauty of flora and fauna, the Tranyanta temple, Sharaneshwar Shiva temple, Lakhena Na Dera, Jain temples, a great variety of birds and lastly we visited to lake and the Dam there. After leaving the Dam and arriving at the resort everyone rested for some hour and we had dinner after resting. We enjoyed bone-fire, the last event of the adventurous trip.


  • Resorts

Our school also plans resort trips for higher secondary students for changing their boring mood, to give them a stress-free environment. So, that they can share anything with their friends and teachers and improve their friendly bond with each other and teachers as well. We had visited Dev’s camp, Orsang camp, and etc. These resorts have many things to do like games, dances, movies, bird watching, workshops and many more. The students enjoyed the food, decore, swimming pools, game rooms as well.



There is no better recreation than trying something new. Our school planned to visit Goa which is a famous place located in the south-western region of our country. The trip was organised for 4 days in a 3-star hotel stay, sightseeing, cruise, and lot more activities in first week of December. This visit gave both students and teachers a great bonding and made it a memorable one.


Jodhpur is the second largest city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Jodhpur is a popular tourist destination. Our school had also organised a trip to the historical capital of Marwar. We explored the stark landscape of the Thar desert, Temples, Forts, palaces, featuring the blue city Jodhpur. We also distributed to all students a T-shirt and a Cap labelling a logo of Rajasthan Tourism.


Jaisalmer is golden city having some beautiful Beaches, Back Waters, Historical places, Hill stations, and Mountains. Our school organised tour to golden city of Forts, Havelis, and the magnificent Thar. We booked hotel near to the visiting places therein. We explored the desert, Haveli, Museum, and nostalgic places of Jaisalmer’s history. After visiting all planned places for day we had our meal of poori-bhaji, paranthas, pickle carried by enthusiastic elders in group. All students still remember the taste of the yummy onion kachoris at Jodhpur station at the time of departure from Jaisalmer.