Shree swaminarayan international school is thoughtfully designed to provide students with a vibrant learning atmosphere.

School facilities are one of the basic educational requirements and it is necessary to maintain safe and high quality school facilities from the perspective of maintaining and improving educational levels in line with the developmental stage. Our school that is not only provides quality education but offer good school building and all other facilities.



Facilities are materials designed to serve specific purposes which are listed below:-

  • To illustrate concepts
  • Provide opportunity for firsthand experience
  • For experimentation and demonstration
  • For scientific investigation and discovery
  • To provide diversity of thoughts
  • For observation and inquiry
  • For development of scientific attitudes and skills
  • To protect the individual and also provide comfort.

Our ground , buildings and other facilities are well maintained and include:-

School premises




It is located on a 2 acre campus in Ranip, in the heart of city Ahmadabad. Our classrooms are designed to let in sufficient natural sunlight and facilitate good ventilation. We have paid special attention to design indoor and outdoor activity centers in such a way that will allow the smooth and free movement of students between various facilities.



The school has spacious and fully air conditioned Class Rooms that are airy, well ventilated and have an adequate natural light with broad corridors on each floor. All the class rooms have been designed to use the ICT that makes the teaching more effective with the help of overhead LCD Projectors. Virtual learning facilities are provided to make curriculum more dynamic and effective. With regard to classroom teaching, tutorial sessions are conducted after the class hours to help students clarify doubts and gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Air-conditioned and heated classrooms are complete with interactive Promethean Boards. The classrooms of our school are being spacious in order to provide adequate space for the students to study and for the teachers to give demonstrations. Our school is maintaining proper ventilation in each classroom.

 Each and every classroom have audio visual facilities, smart boards and well age appropriate furniture. The interactive projector displays have been installed in the classrooms. It is a leading educational interactive flat panel which is a highly effective collaborative device to facilitate classroom teaching and digital learning.



It is equipped with the latest modern gadgetry that includes a wall-sized projector display and audio-visual system. Having separate dressing room for participants in cultural events, it meets all the security parameters like. fire, emergency exit etc. The Auditorium remains the central venue for all the major events of the school round the year. 

Fully equipped multi-purpose hall with sound room, stage and toilet facilities. Used for drama, physical education, school assemblies etc. it is multipurpose hall which is used for organizing various activities such as guest lectures, seminar on health as well on education and panel discussion, quizzes and recitations workshops and presentations, parents meeting and orientation programs. The auditorium blooms in festivity during school’s Cultural and Extra-curricular events like garba, Janmashthmi, Teacher’s Day, Diwali Festivals , and Christmas  etc.


    There are three adventure playgrounds which are challenging and safe play environments for children of all ages and abilities. Encouraging physical activity, the school has a large playing field to accommodate various games and sporting activities. The courts provide our students with excellent opportunities to develop their sporting talents. Two separate shaded play areas equipped with a variety of age appropriate and child friendly outdoor equipment has been specially designed for use by the younger children.
    An outdoor seating area protected by heavy shade cloth. For quiet activities during playtimes.


    Our library has a large range of engaging fiction, non-fiction, and picture story books. Libraries provide an ideal and peaceful ambience for undistracted pursuit of knowledge and skills for the students. All classes have a timetabled weekly library lesson in the library taken by the class teacher. Students visit the library with their class teacher each week and are able to borrow books for 2 weeks If books are not finished within that time, students must still bring them to the library to seek permission to re-borrow them. A developmental program of library skills, literature appreciation and research skills are taught. Children are encouraged to borrow books weekly. If books are not returned by the due date, a verbal reminder is given to the student. At this point the student is not allowed to borrow any further books at the library until the book is returned.



The school has air- conditioned computer labs with well maintained computer and high speed broadband connectivity facilities. They have Microsoft Campus Agreement and Software like window10, Microsoft/Visual Studio, .NET, MSDN etc. The machines in the computer labs are in good numbers so as to ensure availability of one machine to each student.  All computers have the required configuration and software to support children’s learning and the effective their IT course.. All classes have a timetabled twice in a weekly COMPUTER lesson in the computer lab taken by the computer teacher. Students visit the computer lab with their computer teacher twice a day each week.



To meet the requirements of our primary section, Secondary and Senior Secondary section for General Science, Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs are provided with excellent equipment and facilities, ensuring safe learning experience in a spacious and distinct setup, in concurrence with the GSEB norms.   Students are encouraged to use these laboratories to learn through experiments. Every year latest instruments, specimens, charts etc. are purchased for these laboratories.



      Our school has three play area one is outdoor and other is indoor and third for kids. The school playground provides a safe outdoors environment within the school that stimulates children to use their creative energy in healthy interactions with one another. The pre-primary section has their exclusive outdoor play areas with age appropriate and colorful equipment. Encouraging physical activity, the school has sand play areas that provide a safe and secure environment for fun filled activities for SSIS students. Children are given special training and coaching in Sports and Competitions are held in the school. They are given opportunities to take part the GSEB Youth Festival and Sports Meet also in competition conducted by other schools and by other reputed organizations. In indoor activity include chess, carom and table tennis for this our school has special indoor game room. Karate, Yoga and Kung-fu all activities regular classes are conducted for the members by expert teachers.



Our school has air conditioned big dance hall which is in first floor. Student has to come twice day in a week according to their time table with class teacher in dance hall. The students learn different skills like rhythm, flexibility, coordination and expression. The dance teacher teaches to student’s various dance forms which is including classical, western, contemporary and folk. They participate in composing, moving and appreciating a range of dance styles.



Music is given prime importance as part of the school curriculum. Our school boasts of a highly accomplished music staff. The music room has a variety of musical instruments to learn both classical and western music. The music room provides a variety of instruments including guitars, keyboards and drum sets for students inclined to music. Each child is encouraged and nurtured to learn at least one musical instrument starting from pre- primary. Our school music room is sound proof so whenever music class is going on so other classes are not disturbed.



Our school has a well equipped infirmary that provides first-aid to a pupil in need, under the supervision of a full time doctor and nurse. Every student’s basic physical development is checked and reported every term by the school nurse. Students undergo regular medical check-ups. Their health record is maintained for each child. While routine first aid is administered by the unit, any emergency is referred to the nearby Hospital.



The school has number of buses and vans for transportation of student which including CCTV surveillance, first aid kit, fire extinguishers, and communication facilities. Each bus has trained bus driver and a bus hostess. Buses and vans are operated in all important routes. The student should reach the boarding point prior to the scheduled time and should not keep the school bus waiting. A responsible person known to the driver may be engaged to bring the child to the boarding point and to take the child back. The child will not be allowed to get down at the boarding point if the person is unknown. In such cases, the child will be taken back to the school and informed to parents. The phone number of the children can be collected by the parent/ guardian. Strong and prompt disciplinary actions will be taken against the students who misbehave in the bus. If the school bus fails to ply on any day on account of some unforeseen difficulty, the students should come to school by themselves.  No complaint will be taken on such issues. The school has a vehicle and a driver for emergency transportation of pupils to hospitals/ clinics.


We think of children as our HEART OF OUR SCHOOL and their safety is acutely important to us. At our school, we are DEVOTED to providing a safe and secure environment in which your child can learn and grow without physical or emotional HAZARD. We believe that safety in our school is the key to academic success of each and every student. Therefore, school security is a responsibility. As a parent we want you to feel completely comfortable and confident in the safety of your child at school. Which is why at our school, we take no chances with security measures. We ensure that your child is safe from all kinds of violence, external as well as internal. Fire and safety drills are regularly scheduled so that students and staff are completely aware of what they must do in case a real emergency arises. Our school maintains to a demanding safety code, complete with access to fire and security equipment at regular intervals. Equipment is checked on a regular basis and replaced when necessary. We also have a strong partnership with the local police department to ensure total security of our students as well as of our staff.


OUR canteen operates from Monday to Saturday of each week. Our canteen is well-planned, spacious, clean and can accommodate a large number of students at one time.  It is filled with comfortable seats and uses sensible cooking techniques with less oil and spices.  The canteen staff members wear head gear, aprons and serve food using clean gloves.  There is fresh running water for the utensils and this facility is cleaned using the best detergents.  It has an attached storage space which is well-kept and hygienic.  Pest control is done on regular basic. The team here has an administrative head who checks  hygiene and health . Students are allowed to come in canteen  only in break time and after leaving time. Students have to pay money for their breakfast. Pre primary section and class 1st to 4th students are not allowed to go to  canteen alone. If they forget their breakfast then elder student or any free teacher have to go with the kid in canteen for breakfast. The hot lunch served each day has a different menu using fresh and healthy ingredients.  Salads, fruits and yogurts are staples and students are actively encouraged to make these a part of their everyday meal.  There is also a wide variety of snacks and beverages inthe menu and can be availed by both staff and students at nominal prices.